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Afbeelding Naam certificering Gecertificeerd door Bedrijfsactiviteiten Beschikbaarheidsdatum --- Verlopen datum Geverifieerd
Test Report Test Report Beijing DGM Air Transport Technology Co.Ltd In two minutes , this sample does not combust when heated in igniting experiment according to the criteria of IATA Dangerour Goods Regulations , so it does not belong to flammable solids. The sample does not react with many deoxidizing materials , so it does not belong to oxidizer of division 5.1.. The sample does not react with metals such as Zn or AI and has no harm to skin , so it does not belong to corrosives . According to the experience and the relevant materials, the substance does not cause acute poisoning to human . It does not belong to toxic substance . The sample does not have narcotic, noxious , irritating and other characters to cause extreme annoyance or discomfort to crewmembers and pasengers , so it does not belong to miscellaneous dangerous goods . According to IATA DGR , the reflective powder can be classified as "NOT RESTRICTED , AS PER SPECIAL PROVISION A3". 2018-01-10 ~ 2018-12-31

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